Sexy Womens Clothing: Thong Or Not? What You Need To Know Before You Open The Knicker Draw

One of the most common types of sexy womens clothing is the thong.

This type of panty is both loved and hated in equal measure for different reasons. They’re one of the core items of lingerie and so if you’re unsure of whether you should wear one or how then let’s look into them in more detail.

Thongs are also known as G-strings, T back panties and Brazil style panties amongst other names and their main feature is that instead of fully covering your bottom they just have a slim string between your buttocks. This really shows off your butt!

They have full front coverage though (usually), although how high this rises can vary as it depends on the type of clothes you’re wearing. For instance, if you’re wearing quite low hipster jeans, then you’ll want a low rise thong which will remain totally hidden.

This has made them increase in popularity a great deal amongst modern women who like their smooth, sleek fit and the lack of panty lines.

This fit is one of the greatest triumphs of thongs. Traditional panties cover your whole butt and they can often leave quite noticeable VPL, or panty lines, that are considered uncool and also unsightly. Nothing ruins a nice pant suit or dress more quickly than VPL, hence thongs’ popularity.

Their other strengths are comfort and freshness and their sexy nature.
Many women like the unconstrained feeling that they offer and ask any men how they feel about thongs…

There are different styles of thongs which include waist high, bikini and low rise. The height of the style is key as they will be hidden or visible depending on the style of outerwear that you’re wearing as mentioned.

The waistband usually makes the height, and you’ll find that a thicker 2 inch or so waistband will give more support, but be visible if you’re wearing low cut pants or shorts. Also the more coverage your panty is giving you, the more likely you will be to get the dreaded VPL.

As an item of lingerie you’ll naturally find G-strings made of a lot of different sexy materials such as lace, satin and silk. The string itself can actually be made of pearls or crystals for extra spice!
The most sexy are made of lace and can even have applique shapes such as lace rose petals, butterflies and other flowers around the waistband.
This is because as an item of sexy lingerie you might even choose to be a little risqué and show off your thong!

So they can be sexy and functional, but still there are many women who dislike them, claiming that they are dirty, uncomfortable or even trashy.

These are fair points but are just an opinion and the majority of women who don’t like these panties probably believe that they don’t offer as much support as the traditional style or show too much skin.

It could be that they think that all thongs are the same, but in fact the more coverage that the waistband and thong gives you at the rear, the more comfortable they will be to wear.

One thing is for sure, if you’re wearing snug fitting pants or a dress made out of clingy material like satin or silk, then a thong will be a really great addition to your wardrobe.

You can buy thongs readily in most town stores, but if you shop for them online you’ll find the best choice as there are literally thousands upon thousands of designs and prices start from just a few dollars upwards. makes it easy for you to get more information on sexy womens clothing. Sign up for our fabulous, free newsletter to find out how to get the best deals on the latest dresses, gowns and lingerie, quickly and easily.

Trendy Women Clothes for a Night Out

When going out with the girls or with a partner, it is always important to be hip and stylish in relation to the outfit. The biggest headache is the fact that what is in today is out tomorrow. It is possible to buy an outfit and after two months, it is so yesterday. When shopping for these outfits, a lady needs to remember the occasion, the latest style, her size and also the accessories the outfit requires. All of this should also factor in the amount she wants to spend. When planning a night out there are a number of trendy women clothes that can work well with different venues and weather conditions. Owning one or all of these will make the make the lady have a smooth time when preparing for the event.

A mini dress will always come in handy. This can be a bare back, a strapless, a spaghetti strap mini dress or any other design. The best thing about these dresses is the fact they are never out of fashion. When you accessorize it nicely it will work. This dress can come in any color from black, maroon to lighter colors and the shiny ones. You can get one with the side slits if you can to show more thighs and if you are more conservative, you can accessorize with a pair of boots. If the dress is too open and are not sure the weather will be fair, or you are attending an outdoor event, you can throw a shawl over the shoulders but make sure it does not clash with your outfit.

For most trendy women clothes, its all about what has refused to go out of fashion; for instance, the camisoles. Almost every lady has several of these in the closet. They come in different designs, lengths, colors and fabric. The good thing about them is that one can wear them to the club and even to formal parties. To the club, a lady can have it on without worrying about showing too much skin but when it comes to slightly formal events, it can go under the jacket. The camisole can be accessorized with a scarf.

Jeans are here to stay too. This might be the only garment that has helped many people when they want to dress down. This can come as a skirt or a trouser. There are many colors to choose from and the designs are also varied. When purchasing denims, it is advisable to look at the comfort they will provide. This will be the basis to decide the size or design. These can be accessorized with a matching jacket, a blouse, a camisole or a sweater. Creativity should guide the wearer because it is possible to put on a pair of jeans and look drab, especially in the case of faded jeans. Trendy women clothes are all over, just look and see.

Sexy Womens Clothing: 5 Must-Own Items Of Lingerie

Every girl loves feeling sexy and so it’s a great idea to invest in some items of sexy womens clothing. There are probably hundreds of different kinds of lingerie, but which to choose? Let’s look at the must-own pieces of lingerie that any girl needs in her collection:

1. Bras or Brassieres

The humble bra, everyone’s got them! Clearly one of the most commonly used pieces of lingerie as frankly it’s uncomfortable to go without. There are many, many different types from shock-absorbing sports bras, to sexy lacy bras that do nothing for bounce but turn up the heat in the bedroom.

If you have only been wearing bras for functional reasons until now then it’s time to branch out and be adventurous. Try backless, strapless, sheer, halter-neck, there is a bra for every occasion and they can be really sexy as well as functional.

Some modern bras, like wonder bras, even give smaller busted girls a boost! What could be better?

2. Panties, Thongs and G-String Panties

These are again an essential piece of lingerie. Similarly to bras, panties are also a functional piece of clothing, but they can be much more.

You can choose brief or bikini bottoms that will give you more coverage and support your rear. These are pretty standard panties.

If you want to be a bit more sexy and daring then maybe thongs and G-strings are the way forward. These are great as they will never give you the dreaded VPL, visible panty lines! So if you’re wearing tight jeans, shorts or a slinky dress then a thong is the ideal companion. Many girls also think that thongs are particularly comfortable because they allow plenty of freedom and air, since they just have a string rather than covering your whole bottom!

3. Chemise

A chemise is an unsung hero of the lingerie world. Where the more flashy basques, suspender belts and corsets usually get the lime-light, a chemise is subtly sexy. They are very simple knee-length gowns that are often made of quite sheer fabric. They allow any woman to feel sexy as they provide coverage which will help your confidence, but are sheer enough to get guys hot under the collar as they can see just enough!

You don’t need to go crazy to be sexy in the bedroom, so why not try a chemise for subtle and classy sexiness?

4. Camisole

Camisoles are a great option for underwear if you team them with matching panties as they resemble a loose-fitting slip, but with spaghetti straps.

Again, if you have any areas of your body that you’re less confident in then a camisole can look sexy, but still give you some coverage.With lingerie, often less isn’t more! A black camisole in satin or silk is guaranteed to turn up the heat in the bedroom, but they could also be a really comfortable slip under your sweater or jumper.

5. Baby Doll

A really sexy item, the baby doll is a great two piece, with a loose top including bra cups and matching panties. They look like a long, slightly skirted chemise, but finish above your bottom (hence the panties).

They are often made of really sexy fabrics like satin or silk and can have small bows or rosebuds as extra sexy detail.

If you want to show your man your great legs, but leave a bit to his imagination then a baby doll will be excellent. Luckily they’ll also give you support and a boost thanks to their cups.

Looking to invest in the fab five here and reinvent your wardrobe? No problem! It won’t be expensive if you search for these items online, and the only drawback is finding something to do with yourself while you’re waiting for delivery!

Must Have Accessories For Womens Clothing

A dress can be one of the most attractive items of clothing on a woman. But what brings the appeal to this type of womens clothing is the accessories. Accessories play a very important role in whatever outfit you choose to wear. It could mean the difference between looking gaudy, drab, or fabulous. It is important to know what key accessories should be worn to make an outfit look attractive. You will learn the balance of what and how many accessories to coordinate with your womens clothing outfits. Then you will be able to organize your wardrobe and put your outfits together with ease.

Having a purse to go along with your Womens clothing is important. Whether you are wearing formal or casual womens clothing your purse should make a fashion statement. A purse is one of the more useful accessories you can match with your outfits because it is used to carry the belongings you need on hand. Whether you’re travelling abroad or going for a night out on the town it makes carrying your cell phone, makeup and other personal belongings a much easier process. Purses are available in a variety of interesting styles and sizes. Some purses are so small that they can only fit your car keys and maybe a cellphone. Others can be large enough to fit a small person inside! It is necessary to find the purse that matches your taste in womens clothing and the right size for your needs. Bigger purses make a taller woman look proportionate while a smaller person can look the opposite. It is important to select the right sized purse for your physical build.

Chains are one of the more versatile accessories you can match up with your womens clothing. Adding a chain to the simplest of outfits can make it look it special and unique. Chains can be worn around the waist as a belt, hanging around the neck as a necklace and wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. It all depends on what style suits your look. Chains can be made of silver, gold, brass or beads. Most women have a variety of chains suitable for each of their outfits. Silver and gold chains are generally used to accessorize formal clothing whereas brass and beads are used on casual clothing. Make sure not to wear too many chains at once. It is also imperative that you do not wear too many different colored chains at the same time or it can look very tacky.

Footwear is one of those accessories that you cant possibly step out of the house without! Avoid committing a fashion faux pas by wearing incorrect footwear with your clothing. Each piece of womens clothing should be worn with only certain types of shoes. Casual womens clothing can generally be worn with sandals, flip flops, ballerina slippers, and sneakers. You should stick to wearing dress shoes with your formal clothing. Fancier styles of heeled shoes can be worn with your formal womens clothing. If you are not sure whether your outfit is coordinated with the correct shoes try and get a friend to give you their opinion before stepping out of the house.

There are many more accessories you can coordinate with your Womens clothing besides the ones mentioned above. Depending on your style and look you can accessorize your clothing with a range of jewellery and makeup. Reading through fashion magazines and browsing through online womens clothing websites will give you an idea of the latest accessory trends and styles to match.

Womens Clothing – Buying Your Spring Wardrobe

Most people think that when you buy a new wardrobe it means throwing out or giving away everything you previously own and starting from scratch. However that is not the case at all. When you update your wardrobe you assess all the womens clothing that you own and take out the items that are not suiting your look. It is important to keep the womens clothing that can be used for a number of different looks and seasons as opposed to a temporary trend. Below are some of the distinct items of womens clothing that are going to be trendy this spring 2010. With the helpful hints and tips you will know exactly how to wear these fashionable items of clothing.

Corsets are considered to be undergarments in most cases but this spring you will see them out in the open. It will be one of the popular types of Womens clothing to wear as the days get warmer. You can wear a corset above jeans, shorts or skirts. If you want a relaxed but less revealing look you can wear a white coloured fitted racer back or t-shirt inside. Corsets also look really trendy with denim jackets and high waist skirts. Corsets are usually available as button downs or with laces. According to what you find comfortable or appealing you can choose either of the two. Red, black, white and light pink are popular colours for buying corsets. Corsets can be worn as casual or glamorous womens clothing.

Body suits were quite popular during the 1990’s and will be making a definite comeback this spring. Body suits are the perfect type of womens clothing for a layered look. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans or shorts. It gives your outfit a skin tight look and is ideal for younger women. Body suits look really appealing when worn with a corset. It is best to stay away from velvet or satin body suits as they might be uncomfortable to wear in the spring. Instead go for a cotton or polyester cotton mixture of fabric which will be easier for your skin to breathe in. If you decide to wear your body suit with a skirt it is best to choose a loose skirt with a lot more flare. Depending on your height you can select a long or short skirt to wear with your body suit. 3/4th and sleeveless body suits are recommended for this spring. They combinations of womens clothing they can be paired with are endless.

Lace is such breathable fabric so it makes sense that it will be in fashion this spring. As the weather gets warmer women get the urge to show more skin and feel cool and ventilated. Lace is being used in all different types of womens clothing. The most popular style of lacy womens clothing is a sleeveless top with the back of the top completely in lace. These are offered in a variety of colours and shades. You can wear lacy tops like these with a matching spaghetti strap inside. spaghetti strap tops with a border of lace at the bottom will also be attractive to wear for spring. Short knee length skirts with a lace border at the bottom also look trendy and hip. You can jazz up any type of womens clothing by adding lace to it yourself. Many women like to wear ripped jeans as casual wear. You can stitch lace patches on your jean for a feminine, unique look.

Now that you have a preview of this spring season’s trends you will be able to shop with a purpose and a goal in mind. Make sure to try on several different types of Womens clothing while shopping for your spring wardrobe. By trying on outfits you will get a better idea of what suits your body frame and what types of womens clothing are best left alone.

Wholesale Women Clothing – A Profitable Small Business

Clothes are one the indispensable needs of all mankind, and fashion clothing are always on demand throughout the seasons. Early on when starting a wholesale clothing business, one should keep in mind some important particulars before starting an online wholesale clothing trade.

The concept of wholesale clothing has had a hefty impact on the fashion and style world. Nowadays it is not unusual to find almost anyone dressing fashion believed to be fashionable. Starting business of wholesale women clothing is very profitable in every era apart from opening any wholesale men’s or kids clothing.

Wholesale women’s clothing has been considered as one of the most profitable business. The fact behind this is as women, in character, are very selective when it comes to what they are wearing, whether it may it be the clothes they are having or the accessories they are carrying. Now a number of successful businesses, including both wholesale and retail, have come to get benefit on this demand. Unlike men, women are choosier when it comes to clothing procession.

Different women clothing stores have become successful by presenting the most excellent assortments of women clothing lines for retailers to select from. Just by knowing about what is in trend and what’s not in the world of fashion clothing and encompassing that inherent talent in knowing what will be the coming fashion icon, wholesalers could easily replenish and dispatch their stock to retailers according to the demand.

The best way to follow current trend is to simply look around. Magazines and the internet are also the wonderful place to do research on the nature of clothing underlying in the trend. By grasping advantage on a woman’s longing for clothes and different accessories one could easily get success. The knowledge to handle a business and to knowing what will be the next fashion, a wholesale women clothing shop could easily profit from any other kinds of businesses.

How to Build a Basic Wardrobe of Work Clothes For Women

If you’re just entering the work force, returning to it, or starting a high-powered new job, it’s a great time to check out the latest styles in work clothes for women. Gone are the days when womens pant suits were required every day — though they’re still important!

Now, there is more flexibility with womens clothes in the workplace, but it’s still important to look polished and professional. Different workplaces also have different requirements for womens clothes.

Hopefully during your first interviews or visits to your new workplace, you got a feel for the appropriate choices of work clothes for women. Use that as a guide, but beyond that, here are some staples of womens clothes you should keep in your work wardrobe.

Womens pant suits: Womens pant suits aren’t required in many American workplaces any more, but if you’re in a management position, you will likely need at least one. Womens pant suits are just as accepted as more formal skirt suits these days, but you still need to choose carefully. Pick a classic cut, color, and fabric for your womens pant suits so you won’t need to replace them often.

Skirts and pants: For times when you don’t feel like wearing womens pant suits, skirt and pants separates are also, of course, appropriate work clothes for women. Again, it’s best to pick basic colors — black, navy blue, and maybe khaki. This way, you can change outfits by just changing your tops, and you won’t need to buy as many separates.

Jackets: If you’ve invested in a couple of womens pant suits, you can take the jacket from these to do double duty over matching, but separate, womens clothes. If you’ve opted to skip the womens pant suits, though, again for jackets follow the same rules as skirts and pants — pick basic colors that will match many tops.

Button-down shirts and blouses: Here is where work clothes for women get more flexible. If the rest of your outfit is modest, you can add a splash of color or some trendy womens clothes details in your tops.

Just make sure you pick womens clothes that are appropriate for day time — don’t get too trendy. Remember, these are work clothes for women, and if you’re going out afterwards, you can always change.

Accessories: Work clothes for women don’t have to be boring. Try buying some colorful scarves, or inexpensive accessories like purses and jewelry, to make your outfits more personal. This is the most affordable way to stretch your wardrobe before you buy more womens clothes.

Building a new wardrobe of work clothes for women, especially if you’re just starting out in your career, can be daunting. It can also be expensive! Luckily there are a number of online womens clothes resources where you can find affordable womens pant suits, dresses, jackets, and more.

One option you should definitely check out for affordable trendy fashions is the women’s clothing brand HeartSoul. The brand offers selections from the trendier side of womens clothes, including many different kinds of work clothes for women that are young, fresh, and most importantly, affordable. Check out the web site for ideas on everything from pants to accessories.

How to Wear Womens Capri Pants

Womens capri pants first became popular around the early ’60s, when starlets like Mary Tyler Moore began wearing them on TV. Back then, womens capri pants were considered daring — the norm for womens clothing was, of course, much more prim and buttoned-up, requiring skirts. Of course, much has changed since then, but womens capri pants still remain an item of trendy womens clothing.

The wide variety of fits, materials, and even lengths in which womens capri pants are available makes them a versatile wardrobe item. But this piece of potentially trendy womens clothing can also go wrong. Here are some tips on how to wear — and how not to wear — womens capri pants this season.

First, let’s discuss how not to wear womens capri pants. Many cuts are loose, which can work, but only if the rest of your look is polished. Slightly baggy capri pants with other pieces of trendy womens clothing, like a fitted, dressy top, cute earrings, and high heels, can make a head-turning outfit for a night out on the town.

However, baggy womens capri pants paired with oversize T-shirts, sneakers, or other sloppy shoes will make you look frumpy and even shorter than you are.

That’s not to say that capri pants can’t be turned into cute, casual outfits put together with other pieces of trendy womens clothing.

For weekend brunches or days running errands, you might try a slim-fitting pair of capris with a blousy peasant top or tunic, thick wedge shoes, and a brightly colored bucket bag. You can try flats or even sandals, too, but again, for the rest of the outfit, go with form-hugging trendy womens clothing.

Of course, womens capris can also be dressed up for a date or a night out. Here, it’s best to stay away from baggy fits and make sure the rest of your outfit is made up of very trendy womens clothing.

For a night out, try a sequined tank top, dangly earrings, a small clutch bag, and high, high heels. For this or a date night, you’ll also want to pick a dark or deep color, instead of a khaki green or tan, to avoid looking too casual.

If you work at a place that allows some trendy womens clothing in the dress code, capris might also work. Here, you should pick a longer, almost ankle-skimming style, and avoid baggier fits. Make the rest of your outfit slightly dressier and polished, and pick conservative colors.

To get your own ideas on how to wear womens capris, there are a number of online resources full of trendy womens clothing suggestions.

If you are putting an outfit together with capris, you should definitely check out the clothing brand HeartSoul. The trendy womens clothing brand offers a number of the latest pants styles, including womens capris. All of the styles are affordable, and most come in extended sizes. Check out their online lookbook to get ideas on how to put together the brand’s different pieces.

Carhartt for Women and Today

The 21st Century has seen many changes, especially for women. I am sensitive to this fact having raised seven children, five girls and two boys. Watching my girls grow up to be women, I have observed many things that affect women today. And my observation is that today’s women have a stronger place in society than ever before. This fact made me accept certain things involving my own girls, and in fact, all women. Perhaps seeing this trend moved Carhartt, Inc. to introduce their Carhartt for Women line of clothing around the year 2006, early in this century.

For decades women have been viewed as sex objects, and that has actually been exploited by both men and women. Of course there have always been “exceptions to the rule.” Throughout not only the decades but also the centuries, various women have risen up beyond that slur and have really made a name for their own selves and have found their own special place in society. Having their own line of clothing in their Carhartt for Women line, it is obvious, at least to me, that Carhartt accepts that fact also. Carhartt started out as a manufacturer of men’s workware. Today, they include women in their line of workware as well.

The saying has always been that “clothes make the man.” Well, that saying goes for women too, working women as well as the so-called “society women.” Carhartt for Women clothing accepts the needs of women by taking into account not only the color and design of their work wear for women, but especially the sizing, the fit, the shape, and the comfort that a woman wants and needs. You can see it in all products in the Carhartt for Women line, whether it is in cargo pants or other work pants for women or in their jackets, gloves, shirts and the like.

Today there is much in impressions, first impressions as well as ongoing impressions. Women in the workplace must confront that every day. So, while wanting durable, study, form fitting clothes, quality made, a woman also wants and in fact needs to maintain a professional appearance. Sometimes it is while in a position of authority, or even otherwise, the working women needs to look professional, but still wear clothes that stand up to job site conditions. She finds herself needing to build trust and relationships with her workers and co-workers and to show that she has the confidence that she knows what she is talking about. And Carhartt for women clothes helps a woman do just that.

So, these are some of the benefits in having a specific Carhartt for women line of clothing. Now, what are some of the features of that line that make Carhartt for women clothing so desirable? Here are some of those features, using their pants and cargo pants as our example here.

Each product is made of cloth and materials suited to the style and use. That’s includes materials such as 99% cotton/1% spandex denim; 5.75-ounce, 100% cotton pigment-dyed rip stop fabric; 9.5-ounce, 70% cotton/29% polyester/1% spandex; 10-ounce blend of 98% cotton and 2% spandex for stretch; and 10.25-ounce (black) or 10.5-ounce (faded blue indigo) 99% cotton/1% spandex denim, and much more.
Depending on the style and intended use, as cargo pants, they include a number of large patch pockets, usually pleated at the sides and often having a flap. Carhartt’s Five-pocket jean is a good example too.
Each is designed to fit comfortably, as their cargo pants, which are usually loosely cut and designed for tough, outdoor activities, or in everyday wear as in their straight fit jeans.
Many pants, as in their cargo pants, fit nicely over boots and large shoes for convenience and featuring boot-cut leg openings.
Depending again on style and design, some provide a 100% cotton detachable tonal belt.
Other special design factors include a fit which has a contoured waistband which eliminates gapping and that sits slightly below the natural waist and has a full seat and thigh, and triple stitched main seams, some with rivets at stress points.

You can research Carhartt, Inc. and find additional information and peruse their website for specific styles and designs suited to your particular needs in the Carhartt for Women line of clothing. You will find that Carhartt, Inc. is a U.S.-based clothing company, and was founded in 1889. It still focuses on work clothes and is still a family-owned company, owned by the descendants of company founder Hamilton Carhartt, with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. They now make quality work wear (and play wear) for men, women, and children.

Once you review their specs and then actually purchase and wear one of their products, you will also be able to see why that Carhartt for Women and Today fit nicely together.

Plus Size Womens Clothing Sizes

The bane of women everywhere is the wild inconsistency of clothing sizes between stores and fashion designers. Unfortunately, things get even more confusing when dealing with plus sizes. The important thing to remember is a tape measure and the designer’s sizing charts are your best friends.

Even though clothing sizes are not standardized, the actual measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and inseam are what matter for a comfortable and visually appealing fit.

“Missy”, “XL”, and “Woman’s” Sizes

“Woman’s” sizes start at around a 14W and are typically cut larger than Missy sizes. XL sizes are even more inconsistent, with actual measurements differing quite a bit between designers. The best advice is to carefully take your measurements and then compare them to the sizing charts for each designer.

Learn how to take measurements of your body

Refer to a good sizing guide for how to measure your bust, waist, hips, and inseam. When taking measurements, always be sure to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. Measure your bust and hips at their widest point.

Be Aware of Differences Between Designers

As if there isn’t enough confusion in the sizing of women’s clothing, the designers sometimes impose their own unique vision upon sizing. Again, be sure to take careful measurements and then refer to the sizing charts for each designer you’re interested in.

Speaking the Language of International Sizes

It should really come as no surprise that sizes need to be “translated” between many countries. A US size 12 is a 14 in the UK, a 15 in Japan, and a 46 in Italy! Don’t worry though, just refer to the handy sizing charts available at all online retailers of plus size womens clothing and you’ll be fine.

If in doubt, contact customer service!

The great thing about the online retailers of plus size womens clothing is the helpful customer support staff they provide to shoppers. Either email or call their support department to get help in answering your plus size women’s clothing sizing questions.